If used intelligently, both audio and visual effects can completely transform your event. From wedding to private party or corporate event, lighting can dramatically enhance your surroundings and provide your guests with an experience to remember for all the right reasons.

Andrew Dunn, Director at A-Line Audiovisual in Aberdeen, has provided some insider top tips for turning a nice event into a spectacular event:


Techniques & Technologies:



Many event organisers and brides come to us with requests to help them change the whole look and feel of an empty space, sometimes with a limited budget. One of the most impressive methods of transforming an event is with partial or full room draping techniques. This can be conducted using a variety of set-ups – from draping from the edges of the room into the centre, to lining the venue walls with a mixture of straight and gathered drapes. These can then be complemented with a variety of lighting techniques, which I will go on to explain next.



This is ideal for creating an atmosphere at an event, transforming a bland wall into something quite striking. Uplighting round the perimeter of the event – such as a ballroom, conference room or gallery – will provide character and add that ‘wow’ factor. It can also build an effective ambiance adding to any theme, helping to transform your guest’s experience.


PA systems and bespoke sound systems

There’s nothing worse than not being able to hear keynote speakers at a conference or best man at a wedding. A PA or tailored sound system is essential to support great sound quality and will help to deliver a reliable and effective solution – especially at larger venues.



Highlighting or ‘pin’ lighting

It is possible to highlight certain features at an event, either from around the room itself, or of a particular feature at your event, such as a product, centrepiece or item on display. This is known as pin lighting and can add a sense of drama and importance, helping to draw your guest’s eyes to a particular focus.


Gobo projections

A gobo is a physical stencil that is slotted inside or in front of a lighting source in order to project a particular shape or decorative pattern somewhere around your venue. These add a fantastic element of design to your event and can be created to order and feature just about anything you would want. Ranging from abstract shapes to patterns and logos or names, these can be projected on any wall, ceiling, floor or wall to capture your guest’s attention and add an element of interest to any event, corporate party or wedding.